Whether you need a cutting edge go-to-market strategy or have a product or service that needs to pivot, Anna-Louise is uniquely qualified to work with you, your teams and your stakeholders via group workshops or individual consulting.

She utilises the latest agile principles to create successful digital programs that have been recognised with multiple industry awards for both engagement and education.


Transforming your business

Establishing options for scaling, digitising or reinvigorating your product or services.


Product ideation

Creating user-centric journeys that engage, retain and delight your users.


Go to market strategy

Planning, targeting and executing your marketing and sales strategy especially in the B2B space.


Exit strategy

Developing options for selling, licensing or divesting yourself of a hands-on role in your business.

Some of the clients Anna-Louise and her team worked with as part of the Happy Body At Work project:










The ideal consultant for your next AGILE project

A true innovator….

“Anna-Louise is a true innovator in the delivery of corporate health and wellbeing products. During the development and implementation of the Happy Body and Happy People program at Optus she not only had the individual end user focus but the organisational needs in mind.

Not only does Anna-Louise have brilliant ideas, she delivers with with professionalism, kindness, flexibility and patience. “

— Megan Kingham
Manager Health and Wellbeing


Passionate and knowledgeable…

“It is truly amazing to see her passion and knowledge in the Wellbeing space. Her experience in digital product creation tremendously helped shape the tool we were developing through collaborative workshops, user stories and functional requirements. As Product Owner she ensured that every component has strong value proposition to the end-user and the product is both functional and beautiful. Anna-Louise skillfully assessed features vs. value throughout the project to prevent scope creep and avoid non-critical functionalities from causing project delay.

— Irsan ’Tedja
COO, Leadership, PMO


She brings out the best in people…

“Anna-Louise is a creative thinker and knows what it takes to make engaging experiences for audiences. She brings out the best in people in any project team and is an expert content maker..”

— Caroline Kinny-Lewis
Creative Product Lead



Depending on the scope of the project, Anna-Louise’s fees vary from a fixed daily rate for one-on-one consulting to an hourly rate. Contact her for a pro bono coffee catch up or Zoom meeting to discuss your next project. She will provide a quote after the initial meeting.